Two Sisters II


Artist(s): Jack Welch
Sponsor(s): Team Haverhill and Pentucket Bank

This sculpture was installed in Spring 2017, as part of the Art Walk at the Bradford Rail Trail.

From the artist:

My inspiration comes from sailing vessels of the 1800's and earlier —specifically those that were built in Haverhill and Bradford. My sculpture will reflect the stroried tales of water travel and trade which played such a critical role in the growth and economics of Haverhill for centuries, and will remind people how the river continues to be a vital part of our community.>/em>

My primary intention is for the viewer's interaction with the piece to be experiential. I want the viewer to put the visual elements together and use their own logic to process what is presented. When seen from afar, the sculpture, the sculpture is intended to make the viewer curious - to draw them in. Once the viewer is upon the piece, I want them to have a natural reference to history. to understand the sculpture is ship-like. I want the viewer to acknowledge that this sculpture will outlast most ships that sailed these waterways in the past.

My sculpture is loosely based on a schooner built in Haverhill in 1818. Named "Two Sisters," she was a 72-ton, 2-masted, 61 foot long transport vessel capable of oversees travel.

When looking at the piece, the sculpture should be seen as a ship at rest, perhaps it;s final resting place. I want the viewer to have a notion that this piece washed up on shore —the very shore it was launched on. By examining and considering the piece from multiple angles, I hope that the viewer can be transported in time and space and experience that great feeling of sailing in the open waterways, heading toward unknown frontiers with great hope and optimism. My goal is for the viewing public to cherish and appreciate both the power and the natural beauty of the Merrimack River, that great waterway which our city was built on.


Bradford Rail Trail (see map below for precise location)
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