Sculpture 3


Artist(s): Susan Blim
Sponsor(s): Team Haverhill and Pentucket Bank

This sculpture was installed in Spring 2017, as part of the Art Walk at the Bradford Rail Trail.

From the artist:

As the trains would travel by in the morning sun, the river would flash by with the light dancing across the water catching the wild flowers and grasses blowing in the breeze. The Merrimack River is the heartbeat of Haverhill and the Merrimack Valley. I have never lived in a city before where a river divides it with just these few crossings. As with the railroad right away the train always traveled through fields where only the train was allowed and at one time journeyed along the Merrimack. This piece involves what the traveler saw and what will future travelers see on this trail as they round a bend and catch the light and the sound and image of this piece.

I feel this piece is also influenced from Chicago’s Millennium Park where they have these incredible gardens that include the indigenous Midwest, prairie grasses, corn, beans, mixed in with overall hidden gardens where pathways engulf you and are a refuge from the burgeoning city around you. As this trail will surround the traveler with the Merrimack on one side and natural beauty of the valley enhancing the path.


Bradford Rail Trail (see map below for precise location)
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